Research and Due Diligence

Lenecon has a strong background in research with significant involvement in the development of appropriate water supply and sanitation technologies and practices utilised in the South African Reconstruction and Development Program in the 1990s. From this strong capacity we are now able to offer our clients research and due diligence services to assist their investment decisions. We continue to undertake research into appropriate technologies and practices, particularly in the field of remote water and wastewater management.

Recent Projects:

  • Flood and Services Due Diligence - Lenecon has undertaken a number of due diligence reports to assess sites for development potential with respect to flood risk and available engineering services.
  • Cost Effective Erosion and Sediment Control for Effluent Disposal Systems - presentation given at the 2013 IECA Australasia National Conference. Download Powerpoint of Presentation
  • Child-centred course for teachers to promote basic health and hygiene awareness in rural communities (2007) - a research project undertaken for the South African Water Research Commission. Download report
  • Yard Tank Programme (2004) - research and pilot project programme undertaken for the South African Department of Water Affairs to assess trickle feed water supply reticulation to distributed household yard tank storages for community water supply.
  • A Preliminary Assessment of the Trickle Feed System as an Effective Tool in the Implementation of the Free Basic Water Policy in Rural Communities (2003) - a research report undertaken for the South African Water Research Commission. Download paper
  • Options for rural water supply (1997) 23rd WEDC Conference.
  • Spring Protection in Southern KwaZulu Natal (1997) 23rd WEDC Conference.
  • Photovoltaic water pumping and its potential for application in community water supply in South Africa (1996) Water SA Vol. 22. No. 3. Pg 257. Download paper